I was very pleased when I discovered this Ghirlanda Di Popcorn blog! It is choc full of wonderful little simple DIY projects for you to enjoy. This little paper confetti garland is just marvellous and would look extremely effective on some gift wrap don’t you think?
I think I am becoming slightly obsessed with all of these beautiful ‘yarn wrapped’ crafts that are now coming out of the woodwork! I love the shape of this soy sauce bottle. I would love one painted white on the inside but the yarn idea is truly fabulous.
So simple to do right! I wonder how the yarn was attached or was it all just tight wrapping. I must check the original post to be sure before I start anything ^_^
I love these wrapped bangles! I could definitely do this as Ive got plastic bangles i bought to create some crochet frames that I never got around to doing – story of my crafty life! So I could easily dig through my vintage scraps from the shop to make some lovely fabric covered bangles ^_^

oo! Simple and I love white!! These have been created using white electric tape but you could definitely create some patterned lovelies with decorative washi tape. Im doing it! Especially in preparation for autumn as we light lots of candles for extra heating ^_^


This is just far too cute! I have this red washi tape too. So simple.

To view all of these lovely DIY posts view the blog and you should be able to translate from Italian using the bar at the top from Google.

Lots of love Claire xo

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