How adorable are these? Yes! Incredibly so ^_^ Made using the love mae gift wrapping paper they have available on the site a free downloadable PDF is available on how to fold these lovely things with a matching printable for the teabag label at the top of the string!

All you need is some paper, string, scissors and a stapler essentially!

Freebies from Love Mae Link

Lots of love Claire xo

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Im printing my out!!!! 

Go and print!

Lots of love Claire xo

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I think this is the full six I already downloaded so if you right click and view image you can see if bigger. The link on the image above sends you to all the freebies offered.

I’ve just experienced… the first pre christmas wailing and running around the house like a headless chicken.
Not me.
My mother. It made me laugh..”What are you laughing at?!?!?” 

The story is so….the wailing and wrecking all around the house trying to find christmas gift tags…. and talking while she did it  (imagine this in a not highly strung… but more of a frustrated at ones self tone… to the lovely northern irish accent) “ah for jesus sake. I set them down here. Moved them. *shuffle shuffle* I need more packets! I can’t go to the shops now”

FEAR NOT MOTHER!!! THE CRAFT COMMUNITY WILL HELP YOU!! I donned my “Find appropriate gift labels for mums gifts hat” and discovered more lovelies. I do love google. These aren’t the ones I found for mum because her’s are traditional and gold but I need labels too… and the Love Maes were my choice. Click image below 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve :p My all so Inspiring Lovelies xo.