Julie Blanner has created some wonderful posts on her blog about adding some simple halloween touches to your home to make it look nice and spooky without going overboard! 

Using dried flowers and sheet music that were already present in the living room but rearranged a little for the halloween season!

This was part of a separate little party post, making a little DIY project out of clear glass candle sticks and created spooky black glitter candlesticks!

Have spiders crawling from tarnished silverware and coming out of anywhere would make me jump and the cat would probably try to eat them.

Some burnt candles add a rather ‘churchy’ feel! And the vintage, tattered bible helps with that feeling too! And add’s to the decor. I’ve always wanted to decorate my home for halloween, like a proper set, from Hocus Pocus!

Books turned backwards is an interesting one! I like the creepy skeletor hand. I’m thinking that’s the tip but I will re-read the post. Although, you will have to go and look at all the fabulous posts anyway! The link will be at the bottom of this post ^_^

Julie has also made a free printable that you can download over her blog. It looks marvellous printed out on kraft paper!

I love babys breath. It’s a wonderful addition to any bouquet but it also looks great on it’s own! I really like how Julie puts her books backwards on the shelves, I would get very confused though.

oOooo more spiders! I love this book. I love that glass container too! That spider can flip right off though. No thank you! Plastic or not. They just give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t like anything small enough to crawl in your ears and lay eggs. I got a little traumatised after seeing a story on the “Big Breakfast” tv show when I was younger.

I love these pumpkins, I want to plant some in the spring so I have plenty next autumn. I love pumpkins of all kinds for eating and artificial pumpkins for display. It’s almost impossible to find artificial pumpkins in the UK that don’t have faces carved into them. I might have to try a florist supply place. The stack of papers looks very effective doesn’t it!

This is another free printable available over at Julie’s blog.

This vintage suitcase is incredible and how very lucky that Julie has so many items suitable for halloween decor!

Happy Halloween everybody, it’s almost here! Enjoy all of Julie’s posts in her ‘Halloween’ section.