Large customised dresser in sewing studio

Look at that large dresser! It’s customised for gift wrap and ribbon storage and it is just fabulous!

Anthropologie apron

I have said this before… and I will say it again…. Anthropologie aprons could be dresses. Just walk backwards. Or never take off your coat! This apron is stunning and it makes a beautiful addition to this decor.

bunting on the window

Today we have been lucky enough to enter the sewing studio of  Susan, the owner of Maple and Magnolia. The colours in here are sure to brighten your day!

colourful thread storage

I’m so impressed by the organisation in this room! It’s fabulous. I’m ashamed by the state of my own craft room at the moment.

cushions on couch

I wish I had a couch in my craft room. I could lie and wist away the day’s when sewing made me sleepy lol. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! What type of flowers are those? I really like the colour of that chevron pillow. It’s very pretty.

decorative coffee table

I’m a big fan of hobnail milk glass but it seems to be a vintage American ‘thing’. I have two little flower pots but I haven’t been able to find much else over here in the UK and it ends up becoming quite expensive on ebay!

fabric cabinet

This cabinet is absolutely fabulous and I love those bowls and storage jars!

fabric storage

This cabinet is marvellous! I might need to do some research to find out if this was painted by Susan as I spy the chalkboard! Those fabric bolts are so tidy!

Jar of fabric scraps

I LOVE the little ‘cut out’ alphabet letters! Or are these stickers?! I need to research that too. I should be taking some notes huh :p

Large sewing studio

This is a great wide angle photograph of the studio and I love the storage! The chairs that match the ikea cart are very impressive. Although I’ve never seen an empty Raskog cart in a craft room :p

Patchwork quilts

I love stacks of blankets and these bright, colourful patchwork quilts are works of art! I love this image ^_^


Such a bright a beautiful room! Susan’s colourful style really benefits from the all the natural lighting and these big windows.

sewing accessories on tray

The one lesson I will learn from Susan is that tray’s are my friend! I really like the bakers twine on spools. I’m a big fan of twine! That little sewing machine is adorable!

yellow vintage cabinet

This little yellow cabinet is fabulous! I have a white ikea one and I really am very tempted to paint it.

Sewing room cabinet

I really want to find a tall glass fronted cabinet! Susan is so lucky! Maple and Magnolia is a fabulous blog so grab a cup of tea and go visit ^_^



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