everyon coo! I know how much you all love Greengate DK items and I am so glad I found yet another UK based stockist! Enter  Love From Rosie ^_^

I really want this tea box and glorious latte cup in pink polka dots. And the mint.. Ive been obsessed with the colour Mint since last spring and I love the fact that all the items greengate have released are all pastel and mint and glorious!

see?! Those flowers hanging upside down are rather lovely but they wouldnt last too long would they?! I really like that little latte cup with the birds. Greengate have the best patterns.


Love from Rosie don’t just have glorious greengate products.. they also have rather lovely home accessories and I have to say this little cushion puts a smile on my face. I think it might be the pom poms ^_^
I want this. Although I wouldn’t want to put it outside for fear of getting wet and trampled all over! It’s too beautiful.


Look at this!! How beautiful is this garland from Love rosie? Little floral fabrics and vintage doilies.

I love the fabric used on this big bag.  Quite cabbages and roses I thought.. a great massive sturdy storage bag.

go view all the pretties on Love From Rosie

Lots of love Claire xo

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