Aren’t these little golden dinosaurs fabulous? I also wish I had gold handled scissors. They are beautiful.
Can you believe how organized this is? The flat surfaces in my home office type space are just cluttered with crap. Really.. I am trying to get on top of it and I definitely will. Eventually. Hah! Goodness. Of course this will have been styled beautifully for the Glitter Guide feature but still… I aspire to such neatness!
You know how much I love a good moodboard! Do you switch out your moodboards on a regular basis?

This is Catherine Shepherds bedroom/beauty/dressing area and I just loved the display. I have those Ikea cabinets in my craft room, well one of them anyway…but I love how she book-ended them onto the table for extra storage. Very clever indeed! I also love the display above the mirror.

How gorgeous are these? And I officially want that headboard. Infact… Im going on gum tree now.

Seen on the Glitter Guide Feature of Catherine Sheppard of the life styled


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