Hi guys! It’s been aaaaages :p I’ve been having a wonderful summer spending time with friends and family. I’ve also spent a complete flippin fortune! It turns out, if I don’t get to share all of my pretty finds with all of you I just buy them. So I’m stoney broke but you will get to see my lovely finds, I promise I will take photos. Promise. Let’s start with my CK stationery hawl!

Box of CK Post It Notes

This is a box of Cath Kidston post it notes, with a fabulous little magnetic closure; I love those kinds of boxes!

Cath Kidston Post It Note Box

And these are the post it notes! I love decorative post it notes and I love the fact that they’re a huge thing at the moment, everybody is including them in their new design ranges. They’re great for the home office and for journalling!

Cath Kids Exercise Books

These little guys are from the Cath Kidston ‘kids’ range but I love them, they’re great exercise books and a perfect size for me! They’re A5 and I had bought some from the summer range and used them as my gratitude journals. The size means I can print out free printable journalling cards and stick them in. I love it!

Cath Kidston Exercise Books

I wrote on that little memo paper on the front of the exercise books but that little sharpie pen is very light indeed!

CK Memo Notes

So I darkened my little sticky note from the note set I bought! Haha. Was it really worth it? Don’t worry I’m asking myself that question.

CK Mug Bedroom

I also had to and I mean HAD TO, buy this yellow mug from the new range! I also repainted the bedroom this summer! It’s a minty shade instead of the baby blue.CK Yellow Mug

Flower Cup Tea Strainer

Do you love this?! It’s made by Rice DK



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