Stationery and Letter Loves | Introducing Beryl Smith Corona | My Lovely Vintage Typewriter


Everyone, meet Beryl.. Beryl.. this is everyone. ^_^ i love her so much! See that little sewing machine notebook (which I have loads of still but can’t list on etsy! What a pain) I took apart the binding so I could type notes in her throughout the year and I plan to put it back together again when its filled. Not being filled any time soon though I fear!
This is my lovely stationery box where I keep my letter writing necessaries! I only have 3 pen pals at the moment i am writing too so if you would like a pen pal please contact me using the link at the top ^_^

 I have lots and lots of cath kidston stationery Im afraid that is all you would be getting haha! Pretty though! ooOOo an excuse to look for pretty letter writing stationery? It will be put into use with this letter a day project Im taking part in!

Lots of love Claire xo

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