I freakin LOVE Jenna Templetons blog – My Life as a Magazine. Thanks to pinterest hopping last month I discovered it ^_^ Ive been a fully fledged addict ever since. The gift wrap lured me in to begin with.

I love all the bright colours and ideas for gift wrapping. Perfect inspiration for up coming birthdays. I can no longer make any pom poms though because the kittens destroy them in about two seconds flat and it looks like theres been an explosion in a wool factory ^_^ True story.

Then I got really excited by the ‘self made envelopes’! Like you would not believe!! Totally went towards my new obsession with letter writing and sending cute things in the mail.

oOoo!! I think this is Jennas set up for her super cute little zines that she sells online. I love the wall art. The garland of birds on a wire is the best thing ever. I think I need to get myself some large circle stickers.

Now for the details! I love the rosettes. The bright colours are the best. I love the polka dot paper. I wonder where I can get myself some of that… I know I have lilac gift wrap like that…. hmmm… Sticking it to some card stock and using a bone folder to make an envie? *must find my bone folder* and *also purchase an awl*!

omg I love the ribbon!! Im guessing the paper is gift wrap after all :p

oooOo Perfect gift wrapping inspiration!! Absolutely perfect. Especially when I have gifts to wrap at the moment. My problem is photographing them after I make them! Thanks to the terrible weather here recently it has been too difficult to shoot anything.

I LOVE this! The most random thing to put on gift wrap… Happy birthday… look at an alpaca. Loook at it!!!
And DIY Stamps!! I have tried this recently.. turns out that Im a bit cack handed with the tools for carving stamps. I think it might have to do with me being cack handed with scissors too! I couldn’t cut a straight line if I was cutting on a pre drawn straight line.. honestly.. I don’t know why… maybe cuz I’ve large hands? Not like a lumberjack or anything… but Im tall with long “Piano playing” fingers… am I just making excuses? So yes… i like rubber stamps again for journalling and design purposes and I need to get me some versa mark ink pads in different colours ^_^

Anywho! My Life As a Magazine Blog. 


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