I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this little shop. The jam jars weren’t what I had my eye on (that’s later in the post) but man do I want these gorgeous old jam jars with lids! They’re glorious!

I wonder… would owning some fabulously floral dish washing gloves encourage me to wear gloves more often?! Save my hands from all the water they’re plunged in. Though I do wash my hands a lot so I think that’s why they’re all dry and suffering! I don’t even do dishes. That’s what the dishwasher is for! If it isn’t dishwasher safe it’s best to avoid using it. How happy am I that all the RICE DK products and Cath Kidston (for the most part) are all dishwasher safe?!

I LOVE this!!! These enamel storage jars are gorgeous too.

and look at this!! Now… I must warn you before you visit the shop in the hopes of buying these gorgeous delights, that they are not cheap. A hearty investment is what I would call them. Especially this gorgeous picnic suitcase thing!

I think this is just beautifully crafted! And of course french is so fancy! (I said that last statement in a ridiculous accent, just so you know!)

And look at these gorgeous cups! To match those pretty little washing up gloves that I would never wear haha. I actually thought these were cross stitch painted on but I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time.. so forgive me. Although there’s an idea for the designer! Little crosses would be very popular.

and would you look at this! Oh. I want it! I also want the proximity to good weather and a beach, otherwise it would never get used. I also fear that if I ever got into this beautifully crafted chair, I would never get out of it.

THIS is what my eye was on! Unfortunately I cannot afford this beauty!


This set is so beautiful. I’d be too afraid to leave it outside! I also am beginning to wish my living room floor was painted white like this room.


and.. how adorable is this little sewing jar?! I love those labels!

Decorative Country Living Shop

Lots of love Claire xo

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