Vintage Style Interior Inspiration

I just am in awe at this image. I want absolutely every single blanket that is here. I also want that sofa. I was lucky enough to have the loan of one for photo shoots and they are the most uncomfortable sofas ever.

But they look glorious. Im off to search on gumtree! I need a lounging sofa! Ooh! A chais lounge.. lets go!


This is the glorious home of blogger Sandy Palmer who lives in Australia. You can tell from all that gorgeous sun light bouncing off the walls and floors. I am ruined with jealousy!


Can anyone tell me the style of those chairs? What I should be searching for? This bedroom is just fabulous. I couldnt be trusted not to use under the bed for storage.

Every part of this home is just incredible and I now want to replace all the furniture in my home with vintage finds.
If you pop on over to the Paint Me White Blog (Linked HERE) you will be lost for hours looking at all the gorgeous posts!

Lots of love Claire xo

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