Ok sooo… from my last vintage suitcase post I decided to reupholster it for the purpose of it being a suitcase and also storing fabric. When it’s not a suitcase and it’s storing fabric I put my cutting mat, patchwork ruler and cutter thingys in the polka dot pocket.
This is the before and after.. apologies for the not so amazing photograph but I had some trouble carrying the case around. I removed all the lining fabric and the suitcase was absolutely stinking.. awful!
This was the original lining attempt with ikea fabric.. the glue gun didnt work and I ran out of fabric glue so I used some PVA but it soaked right through the fabric and it was still sinky so I had to remove it…
So scraping I did… It had lots of wooly things stuck to glue which appeared to be harbouring the smell.

These are some terrible phone pictures trying to decide about the lining. The pink stripey lining were scented drawer liners and I ended up running out of the liners! That I’ve had forever. And that was the in progress picture. It was an absolute nightmare and I am never doing it again. That is a promise ^_^
Have you guys taken on any of these bad boys?
Lots of love Claire xo
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  • Beehappy says:

    Wow, this is so wonderful, you did a great job, well done :)

  • Luloveshandmade says:

    Awwww, so pretty! I love the Cath Kidston paper, I’m currently reading two of her books, “Make” and “Sew”. :)

  • Emily Rose says:

    i love this idea! can’t wait to try it out, looks fab!

  • Layhoon Chua says:

    So special indeed.
    I really love how the final look of the case.

  • beka buckley says:

    Well, sometimes you just have to do a thing to appreciate it. If you hadn’t have done it you would always be wondering ‘what it’, and surely the end result was worth all that trial and error, even if you vow never to do it again? I think the end result looks wonderful and definately worthy of a HHUK prettied up style shoot. xo, B

  • Gemma Budden says:

    Haha, that’s exactly what I thought after I did mine “I’m never doing that again!” It was worth it somewhat for me but mine still smells a little bit, it partly smells of the glue so I need to try and figure it out.

  • fee bryce-clegg says:

    how have I not found your lovely blog before? (like I need any more distractions in my life!)
    off for a nosey round – looks right up my street!

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Well welcome!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment ^_^

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Thank you so much! It was tough going lol

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Thank you Lu! I have Sew and Stitch.. although I havent cross stitched yet. Im hoping to get her patchwork book when it comes out soon ^_^

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    thank you! It is tough going though lol  a lot more hassle than i had anticipated!

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Thank you so much Layhoon ^_^

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Thats a good point actually. unfortunately now the sun has packed up now and we wont see her again until april time! Its very rare I take any good or well styled shots these seasons.. the weather is terrible! Although we are supposed to get a heat wave right before the horrendous -15 winter starts. woop!

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    hmm.. what glue did you use? If you open a box of bicarbinate of soda and lock it your suitcase for the very least 24 hours.. or a bag of cat litter thats absorbant.. should get rid of the pongs

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    if its REALLY strong you could cut up half an onion and do that trick but it can work quite quickly. Did you use fabric or paper? I laundered some sheets with lenor fabric softener and left them in there for a week.. now it s amazing!

  • Journiebug says:

    I always wondered how to get the “old” smell out of vintage suitcases! Now I know and will not be so hesitant to work with them.

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