Hello everyone and welcome! The one post this December without christmas at it’s core!! My cousin and I have been debating about our planners for 2014 and have been engrossed in pinterest and filofax style pins. We noticed that everyone is going crazy decorating with washi tape so this post is for my smelly cousin :p

My first favourite store for washi tape is In The Clear – youcanbuymultipacks which always end up working out a little cheaper.

The second is Mieryaw who has some great multi packs. The colourful tapes up there come as one big set for like £9 including shipping! That’s the best price I found for those.
 Pretty Tape

The shop Pretty Tape offers great deals on the multi packs and of course you can buy singles too.

 Uguisu washi tape

Uguisu have regular multipack updates and I love all of the colours in this pack! I don’t have this pack but as soon as I run out of my plain pastels Im buying it. In fact, I would love all the colours apart from the two dark ones at the end!

Favourite Washi Tape Stores

Washi Matta  (I spelt it wrong in the collage, oops!) These guys have the wide stuff! In loads of widths actually and stickers. I love the multi colour tapes without the dark colours as I mentioned above. I’m going to end up spending so much money.

I hope you enjoy and find these useful! You can follow my favourite Washi Tape’s and patterns here on my etsy pages.



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