Ok so this DIY is to make your own Fabric Labels! With your logo, icon, name etc. For this bad boy I used tshirt inkjet printer paper because its cheaper than buying Canvas or Fabric paper for the Inkjet. 

 This was my little version, I should have made my name black to make it stand out but I can fix it! 

I made this up as I went along but Im almost 100% certain there are other versions of this!

 What you need – 
Cotton Twill Tape 
TShirt Transfer Paper (i dont recommend a particular brand this was just in the house – to be honest this one wasnt great. The Canon version is a lot better)
An Iron
A computer editing program where you can measure your “logo” and flip the image.

and an Inkjet Printer

I haven’t done any print screens of this as I dont want to promote the use of any particular software program. The one I use is expensive and its easily done on others. 

I first got my lil logo on its own and measured my cotton twill tape. I then resized the image to fit on 13mm wide tape. 

I copied and pasted into the program and duplicated to fit loads on one A4 page.

I read the Tshirt Instructions and printed the paper..


Always read the instructions for the Iron settings – its different for a lot of papers. 

Line it up and iron on according to pack instructions!

et voila!! Now stitch them on to whatever you please!! You can get around 120 labels on 1 A4 page and i paid £4 for LOTS of cotton twill tape.. that was a small ball as I had cut some off for transportation! Im actually tempted to use the rest as part of a crochet rug!

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