Do you want a proven-to-work system that will supercharge your productivity as a CrAFTER?

Imagine opening the door to your craft room in the morning, and being bathed in a beam of bright sunshine. Sun dancing off your perfectly styled supplies. You know where everything lives and setting up your next project; practically effortless.

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Imagine not having to worry about your what your room exploding into another giant mess because you’ve implemented the smart strategies. That means you know exactly what you have to do when you craft to ensure that it’s not a battle each time you want to make something.

And now, imagine spending time in that space every day. Taking care of your mental health by making time to craft. Making that time? No longer an effort because your strategies are serving you well. Creativity is essential, and having a clutter free space is what gives creativity room to breathe. 


My main aim with this challenge was to share the organizational methods I developed so they would suit a chronically ill, disabled woman. Whilst also sharing the foundations of composition, style, colour theory and interior design which are the key ingredients to a room that begs to be in print.

With easy to follow advice and actionable steps from award winning craft blogger Heart Handmade UK you get over 150 pages of content and bonuses in 5-6 PDF files, to effectively walk you through setting up your craft space so that crafting and dedicating time to creativity is almost effortless.

Access to our growing private Facebook community is also provided and we can’t wait to have you in there.



With the help of this book, you can dive right in and learn the smart strategies that will help you achieve your dream of a craft room, worthy of the pages of a magazine.


+ 100+ Page Ebook
+ Timeline so you can follow along
+ Access to private Facebook Group 

Challenge & Assignments Book Outline:

This eBook has been laid out as the live challenge.
As it’s a 30 day challenge, I’ve divided it into 3 phases.
In Phase 1, we clean house and do a lot of self reflection so we connect to what we truly want from our rooms. After we lay the foundations, we move on to Phase 2.
In Phase 2, we clear out, asses our options and start putting our rooms back together with essential rest days in between. 

In Phase 3, we complete our sorting, storing and styling. With essential tips to help you curate a space that works with the way you craft naturally.

GRAB YOUR COPY NOW & Get closer to having your very own Dream craft space

If you use this book correctly, you will learn why and how you need to spend some time reflecting about the way you create, how your space is set up at the moment and why it’s not working for you the way that it should. 

Style Guide PDF (£19 Value)

Extracted from the Challenge ebook, the style guide is an easy to navigate styling guide will help you style your finished Craft Room like a professional stylist. Craters aren’t naturally gifted with style and design, I sure wasn’t. I had to learn everything and my education started back when I was in my in teens.

Pre Workbook PDF (£9 Value)

These are the questions you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you get started. It will really help you to gain clarity quickly.

Motivational Poster (Value £9)

Getting the whole way through a 30 day challenge is a true challenge. We achieve it through consistent reminders, keeping it at the front of our minds & a community spirit inside the Facebook group.

Colour Wheel & Palettes (£9 Value)

These are the questions you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you get started. It will really help you to gain clarity quickly.

Savings Jar Tracker (Value £9)

Building a dream craft room can be costly; I started in a small, dark spare bedroom with the most hideous carpet ever. It was not an area conducive to creativity, so I made it my mission to get the room of my dreams. I calculated the cost and I started saving. Using a savings tracker is the surest way to get the furniture you want.

Worksheets (Value £4)

These are the questions you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you get started. It will really help you to gain clarity quickly.

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Hey, My name is claire!

Claire Donovan-Blackwood, owner of Heart Handmade UK founded in March 2010. I’ve been featured in a large array of international Crafting Magazines, BBC Good Homes, Mollie Makes and most recently InHerStudio. I was even Interviewed on BBC Radio 2 (Britain’s Most Popular Radio Station).


Frequently Asked Questions

You bet!! If you buy this bundle, implement the strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase (a whole month!) for a full refund. But YOU have to do the work. 

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Not at all, after your purchase has downloaded, all you need is a PDF reader. Most computers have one pre-installed but you may require an app to open (such as iBooks or Adobe Reader).

Email me [email protected] and I will reply to any and all of your questions!

Don’t worry about it. Reach out and let me know. Developing a community around this challenge has been the secret sauce that has helped us achieve our dreams. Some of the transformations so far have been unbelievable. You are a lot less likely to fail when you have accountability partners like us.

"A Goal without a plan is just a wish"

Are You Wishing Or DOING?